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Free knitting patterns for creative needlework.

However the yarn is beautiful and the knitter is skilful, nevertheless the real adornment of a knitted product is the patterns in all their variety. The collection of offered free knitting patterns outstands by its practicality, universality, variety and is systematized on the standard thematic sections. On the basis of these patterns skilled knitters can easily create new models of man's, female and children's clothes taking into account prospective style and seasonal prevalence. And for those who only masters knitting on the needles, offered patterns are good occasion to practice in the technique while you do not reach necessary dexterity and do not have the strength to undertake more serious job.

Air lace patterns, relief patterns from a combination of knit and purl stitches, various cables and interlacings, textured patterns and patent patterns, slip-stitch and ribbing patterns, can be used for knitting of summer and winter models of clothes, for man's and female things, for various clothes for children of any age. If you included in a knitted cloth the patterns with bobbles, you can create a product in fashionable style of "folk" or "country". If you choose for your garment one of the mosaic patterns, you can feel the full pleasure from knitting of ornaments - it appears, it can be simple.

Graphic charts of the patterns with the symbols showed below will transform the process of knitting into pleasant pastime what delivers you many pleasant minutes during your creative needlework.




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