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All the patterns are represented in the form of charts. Our subscribers of «Ksiusha. For those who like knitting and crocheting» have recently appreciated highly convenience and visual aids of such a method of pattern representing. With the help of reference designation in the form of signs which correspond to a certain stitch or set of stitches, you can see the way of knitting. A pattern chart is read from bottom-up. Selvage stitches are not included into a chart.

Under pattern chart you can see numbering of stitches in the course of knitting, that is from right to left. On the right knit stitches are indicated with odd numbers, at the same time purl rows are knitted according to the picture, that is "as stitches look onto" (over the purl stitch you should knit purlwise, over the knit stitch you should knit knitwise). If the knitting of a purl row has some peculiarity, it is shown in the chart and has even numbering.

Type of purl row knitting can also be of two types: the way it looks from a knit side (in this case the picture of the pattern is more detailed). In some charts you can see some charts of motifs.

Some patterns have empty places which do not mean anything. The fact of the matter is that to make a picture of such a pattern, as a rule, firstly, several stitches are reduced by knitting several stitches into one stitch and then they are remade with the help of double crochets or any other way specified in the chart. So, in the pattern chart instead of reduced stitches there are gaps, that is in this place there are no stitches at all. To keep the visual aids of a picture there are some gaps left.

Sequentially knit only those marks which are indicated in the chart without paying attention to the gaps.

Some patterns have double base. Both of them are interesting both from knit and purl side. It gives much more opportunities for their usage.

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