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Motif is a repetitive part of a knitting pattern which is indicated with two vertical arrows located perpendicularly to the bottom edge of the chart. If there are no arrows, the whole chart id motif.

Please, pay attention to the chart of the pattern in which besides indicated motif there are stitches before and (or) after it. While calculating stitches one should pay attention to the stitches which are knitted after the selvage one before the first motif then motif is repeated several times and then stitches indicated in the chart after the motif. It can help to place the pattern on the article more beautifully.

If the number of stitches of the article indicated in instructions does not suit you, add (reduce) necessary number of stitches and at the same time the number should be divisible without remainder by the number of motif stitches.

It is not always connected with calculating stitches for the sleeves where in the beginning and in the end of the row there can be incomplete motifs. (details)

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