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Knit and purl patterns for simple knitting.

Knit and purl patterns appear as a result of alternation of knit and purl stitches, and it is really surprising how many diversified patterns it is possible to make, combining only two stitches. Thanks to a difference of the texture of knit and purl surfaces, the cloth knitting by needles gets an interesting reliefs and a convex texture. Knit and purl patterns are simple in execution and consequently they are liked by the beginning knitters. These patterns even are named "the elementary patterns for beginners". And though they are really simple, really beautiful, "representative" patterns are made by the skilled knitters having the good technique of knitting. However, professionals again and again address to the combination of knit and purl stitches, which gives the chance to think out new patterns, surprising by their beauty.

There is a huge set of knit and purl patterns for knitting on needles because a simple change of knit and purl stitches can produce interesting and various effects: waves, rhombuses, checks, cells, zigzag and wavy strips. Repeated and in a combination with each other, knit and purl patterns are many-sided and universal, simple and effective.

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