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Cable-stitch patterns for knitting.

Cables are classical patterns which have rich traditions. However, today they are one of most often used ways of knitting on needles. Various cables are able to decorate any garment and make it more decorative and relief.

All cables are based on moving of certain quantity of stitches to the right or to the left and, for this goal, as a rule, we use an auxiliary needle. The quantity of stitches in cables, the frequency and the direction of their interlacings influence the view of a pattern and give full scope to our imagination.

The cable-stitch patterns are applied both to garnish the clothes and to knit the basic cloth. Herewith we can use some kinds of cables in a combination to other patterns: lace, patent, ribbing, bobbles. This method allows to knit on needles extraordinary effective knitted products both for female and for man's clothes.

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