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Knitting twist-stitch patterns, Aran-style patterns.

The big group of various and very popular patterns for knitting on needles is united by special method when the sequence of the knitting of two and more stitches varies. As a result, the stitches on a cloth settle down with an inclination to the left or to the right depending on their way of knitting. Such knitting reminds a cable interlacing. One more name of patterns of this group - "Irish" - points at their origin.

Not many masters of other countries managed to save till our time the national colouring of knitted things insofar as the knitters of Ireland. To tell more precisely, the Irish patterns were born on three small islands of Aran (therefore they have one more name - "arans"). The knitted products created by magnificent masterful needlewomen of the North are known and liked in every place where the warm things are worn. They can be distinguished at once from the set of other knitted products by their colour scale, pattern, ornament and cut.

More frequently the knitters use the method of the shift of stitches and, with its help, new original patterns are created each time, and their variety and expressiveness amaze us. Besides, as the relief patterns of the twisted stitches densely filling all surface increase the thickness of the knitted cloth, it makes them irreplaceable while you knit the warm clothes: sweaters, waistcoats, coats, pullovers.


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