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Ornaments and jacquard (Norwegian) patterns for knitting.

The French weaver Jackard living in the XVIII century, has thought up a weaving loom on which it was possible to weave a cloth with the picture similar to the knitted pattern. This cloth has received a name of its inventor, and then the concept from weaving has passed in knitting and began to designate two or multi-colour pattern made with knit surface. While knitting, the threads of several colours, but identical on structure and composition are used and they are extended from motif to motif on the wrong side of the cloth. These drawings should not constrict the cloth because it breaks its elasticity and deforms the pattern.

The alternation of the threads of various colours creates a certain picture which is called an ornament or jacquard (Norwegian) pattern. Originally Norwegian patterns with traditional northern motif were two-coloured -- black-and-white. Now the ornaments mostly represent geometrical figures, numbers, flowers, animals. As the ornaments are carried out by knit knitting, the picture appears on the right side of the cloth, and the threads on the wrong side are changed in certain sequence depending on an ornament. Making these patterns, it is necessary to look after the knitting technique closely: the threads on the wrong side which do not participate in an ornament, should not sag or constrict the picture.


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