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Textured slip-stitch patterns for knitting.

If, as a result of the use of slipped, elongated or deep stitches on a knitted cloth, some elements of a pattern come out, you deal with textured patterns. They have convexities and deepenings, gathers and pleats, effects of a woven surface and stitches laying over the basic surface of the cloth. The knitted textured patterns are never flat and outstand by their expressive texture.

It is possible to use gathers and pleats, made by textured patterns, as a laconic decorative addition to other patterns. Though some of them, repeating, are capable to make perfect impression themselves, forming a cloth of the interesting texture.

The slipped stitches give to the knitted cloth an interesting texture and get up various transitions from colour to colour in multi-colour clothes. The slipped stitches can be combined with other techniques very well because they do not change their forms and are always knitted with the same quantity of threads. In a word, these patterns are for the joy, they give pleasure to beginning knitters and they inspire the professionals to create fantasy models!


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