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Knitting rib patterns.

The elementary ribbings represent the alternation of the strips from knit and purl stitches of various width. A distinctive feature of these patterns is high elasticity of the knitted cloth. Therefore, the patterns on the basis of the ribbing are used, as a rule, for getting-up of edges of a cloth: plackets, cuffs, collars. Along with the elementary ribbings which consist of only knit and purl stitches, also more difficult ribbings are often used with the elements of openwork patterns or "cables". Such ribbings have a more decorative look.

The ribbings which are formed with yarns over, are called English, or patent. In such ribbings the yarn over does not form holes as in the openwork patterns but creates a peculiar volume fluffy cloth. In the majority of patterns made with a patent ribbing, both sides of knitting are used and sometimes an absolutely new, not less effective pattern is formed on the wrong side.

The clothes knitted with a patent pattern are volume and very plastic, they stretch well and keep the form. Scarfs, caps, "golf" collars or wide volume collars are looked fine and are very convenient in use. But as the patent ribbing is subject to the deformation, we do not use it for the edge of a garment.


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